Setup Gallery

Example setup pictures from the past

What our setup looks like depends simply on what you want.  Do you want your event to look like a dance club with fog, lasers, and subwoofers?  Or would you prefer something more elegant?   Maybe just something really simple, like just two speakers on stands and a DJ behind a mixer?  We will ask you what you want, and... we will do that :)

Do we have subs?  Yes.  Why can't you see them in the pictures?  Well, 1) we don't always use subs... it depends on the event, 2) actually they are in some of the pictures if you know where to look, 3) I have been learning about sound for a very long time, and setting up subs the way most DJ's do is almost always a bad idea acoustically... so you have to know where to look for my subs when I set them up.  4) Also, if they are being used at a reception (at clients request), I try to put them in a location that is good acoustically, but kind of hidden.  So the short of it is, yes, we have plenty of subs... heck, we have 4 foot tall subwoofer horns, we just position them differently :)

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