Why are we Wedding DJ's?
Why should you care?

Wedding Receptions are wonderful gatherings celebrating the joining of two souls.  They are very special occasions, and can also be a lot of fun with the right entertainment.  Even if you don't choose Thunder & Lightning DJ, we recommend choosing a DJ that will have a setup that matches the elegance of your venue.  We can setup in many different ways... checkout our sample photos tab.  
   Beyond having an elegant setup, you will want to know your DJ is a professional, with professional equipment, and that he or she has a lot of experience with weddings and receptions.  
   Something that most magazine articles will not touch on, is just simply getting to know your DJ.  DJ's are in the service industry, not the equipment industry.  Get to know your DJ and see if their personality and how they do events matches what you have in mind for your wedding reception.

A few notes about what we do for weddings:

  • We provide a reception schedule planning form, and provide advice on how to make everything work well based on the many weddings we have done
  •  We can do your announcements for everything from cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter removal & toss, through to your special dances, and any other cultural activities you may want to include.
  • We provide wireless mics for your toasts
  • We provide background music for you dinner, as well as the activities and dance.
  • Everything is setup before your guests arrive. 
  • We will discuss with you in advance what kind of DJ setup you would like 
  • We also have additional packages for Ceremony music & uplights
  • We can often find other vendors for you... anything from photographers to ice sculptures to dance choreographers,  and more.

Give us a call, email, or text!   
Brady Mikesell

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