Video Screen Services

New:  Video Screen Services

What kind of services are we talking about?
  • Project a slide show at a wedding reception.  
  • Project a video story at a wedding reception.
  • Cool visualizations at a dance party 
  • Karaoke lyrics 
  • School mascot, or logo projected at an event
  • Other kinds of information projected, maybe at a corporate event
  • Movie theater night with a big screen and sound system, for private events.  I provide the screen, projector, sound system, you provide the movie for your private party.
Why not Music Videos?
Music videos are a possibility in the future, and I can play a few here and there, but to be able to commit to playing music videos as a feature of my business, it would require a huge purchase of an up to date music video library, most of which I would not be able to play for most of the events I perform at, because of client guidelines.  If there is enough demand, and enough addition income involved to validate the investment, then sure, that might happen in the future.

What about Music videos on Youtube?  
The short of it is, projecting Youtube videos on a screen at school dance or similar, is kind of illegal, and I don't really have a reasonable way to do it anyway.  My understanding, is that I can get away with playing audio from Youtube, if it is not your standard music artist off the radio... hence, like the yodeling kid at walmart isn't a big deal... but audio only.  Hence, things I won't do  of this nature are not about my own personal feelings on the matter, it's about whether I will get jailed, sued, or fined... so, I don't do stuff that will get me jailed, sued, or fined.  At private parties, stuff like this is generally not a problem, but at school events, or public venues, it's a bit too dark greyish to play around with.


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