School Dances

School Dances

Faculty:  We want to work with you, not just for you.  Please talk to us & let us know your concerns when it comes to school dances.  How can we work together to make it a great time for the kids, while also keeping it a safe environment?  I already have some solutions which I use.  What are some of your ideas?  Let's talk :)

Music: Music content is always a concern.  I am a professional DJ, and I purchase music using a professional DJ subscription service which provides me with hundreds of new songs every month, all radio edits.  Beyond playing radio edits, I am also content aware.  I have over 20 years of experience DJing for schools in Utah & Idaho.  I will also discuss with faculty before any dance concerning your guidelines for music.  After all, I want repeat business.

Students: My most important job is to make your dance as fun as possible, while also communicating with your faculty to make sure everything is good with them.  The key is a balance between keeping it a safe environment so the dance does not get shut down by your faculty, but also keep it fun and entertaining for the students.  What is the theme of your dance?  How can I customize what I do, to enhance your theme? 
Enough Wash Lighting?  Does your school put up Christmas lights or leave some of the venue/gym lights on during the dance due to safety issues?  It's understandable why the faculty does this, due to liability issues, etc.  They often do this because the DJ does not provide enough wash lighting. However, we have strong enough wash lighting that additional lighting will not be needed.  If your school wants to add some lighting for decoration, that's fine, but you will find that it is not needed for safety reasons.  

Watch this video demonstration.  This video demo was taken in a gym with a full sized court, minus the bleachers.  Your schools gym may be larger when including the bleachers, but the area of the gym floor should be approximately the same.  I do have additional wash lighting to add to this if needed for a larger area.  

Movers, Rollers, Lasers, Oh My!   Beyond wash lighting, I have an extensive and powerful light show that includes moving heads, rollers, multibeam effects, lasers and more.  I also have a great fog machine, for venues where we can use fog.  I do respect faculties wishes when it comes to using fog.  Let's talk!

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